The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Washington Collection Agency Act and laws in most other states, protect consumers from overcharging, harassment or abuse by debt collectors.  If you have questions about how much a collector is demanding you pay, or believe that you are being harassed or treated unfairly, contact me.  There is no charge for an initial consultation and, in most cases the collector, not you, will end up paying my fees. 

Some of the issues we handle:

Harassing phone calls from debt collectors

Inflated charges for fees or interest on a debt

Defending you in collection lawsuits filed against you

Unlawful charges under civil shoplifting statutes

“Convenience” fees charged by collection agency when you pay by phone

Exaggerated  “move-out” charges after you leave a rental property

Other illegal, deceptive or fraudulent conduct by debt collectors

Identity theft

When debt collectors contact you, their goal is to get you to pay money, whether you owe it or not, and they often violate the law by adding phony charges, tacking on extra interest, harassing you with dozens of phone calls, making false threats, and anything else they can think of that will get you to send them money.  When they violate federal or state law, you may sue them, but you will need a good lawyer.   

If you have been contacted by a collection agency and you have any questions about the payment demands or how you are being treated, I may be able to help.  The following is a list of some of the debt collectors who have engaged in practices that may be questionable. There are many others.

Allianceone Receivables Management, Inc.

Assessment Recovery of Washington, LLC

Bishop, Marshall & Weibel, P.S.

Bonneville Billing & Collections, Inc.

Collins Asset Group, LLC.

Columbia Debt Recovery

Complete Payment Recovery Services, Inc. (CPRS)

Credit International Corporation

Dynamic Collectors, Inc.

Encore Capital Group, Inc.

Evergreen Financial Services, Inc.

Genesis Credit Management, LLC

Law Office of Michael Ira Asen

LVNV Funding, LLC

Mandarich Law Group, LLP

Merchants Credit Association (MCA)

NCO Financial Systems

Palmer Recovery Attorneys, PLLC, f/k/a Palmer, Reifler and Associates, PLLC

Renton Collections of Washington

Suttell & Hammer, P.C.

Syndicated Office Systems, LLC

Transworld Systems, Inc.

TRS Recovery Services

Victim Services, Inc.