Civil Penalties

Civil Penalties

Did you receive a letter demanding “civil penalties” because you or your child were accused of shoplifting?

Did the letter come from Palmer Recovery Attorneys, a/k/a Palmer Reifler and Associates?

If you or your child have been accused of shoplifting, you may get a collection demand from Palmer Recovery Attorneys, aka Palmer Reifler and Associates.  Most states have laws allowing a merchant to recover civil penalties for shoplifting, even if they get the merchandise back, but every state law is different. In some states, the penalties may more than $1,000.

Major retailers, like Walmart, Home Depot and many others, hire companies like Palmer Recovery Attorneys, to collect these penalties. These companies work on volume, sometimes sending more than a million letters a year, and collecting millions in penalties. These companies may ask for more money than the law allows, or go after people who didn’t do anything wrong, or engage in other conduct that may be unlawful.

If you received a letter demanding civil penalties for shoplifting, and have questions, please contact me. There is no charge.